Maison De Lace is a bespoke luxury Haute Couture fashion house founded by Benno Farooq in 1984. It is a family run business managed by her and her daughters Rabia Mujtaba, Seher Uzyer and Naeha Faraz. The brand started off as a home based boutique operating out of the designers house. It built up a loyal clientele due to its uncompromising attention to detail and quality of product used and is now one of the most renowned and well known fashion ateliers in Pakistan.

The Maison Haute Couture Collections are conceptualized to reflect a fusion of the past, the present, the conventional and the contemporary, and to envisage and radiate an influence based on art, architecture and cultures from all over the world to create timeless and sublime pieces of couture. Each Collection piece is handcrafted from start to finish, made from high quality fabric, sewn with extreme attention to detail and specifically tailored to meet an individual client’s requirements.

2019 saw the Maison De Lace celebrate 35 Years with the launch of its Lahore Flagship Concept Boutique at 50 Main Gulberg, a tribute to the brand’s enduring legacy as a name eponymous for exclusivity, quality, attention to detail and bespoke couture.